Futo Akiyoshi
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1977 Born in Osaka, Japan
  Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
2001 B.A. Nagoya University of Arts
2003 M.A. Nagoya University of Arts
2010 Grant for Oversea Research, Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation
2011 Japanese Government Oversea Research Program Grant, Agency for Cultural Affairs
2013 Grant for Oversea Research, Pola Art Foundation

Solo Exhibitions
2016. 5 something too much TARO NASU (Tokyo, Japan) www.taronasugallery.com
2016. 4 if nothing else NON Berlin (Berlin, Germany) www.nonberlin.com
2015.10 Adherence SEXAUER (Berlin, Germany) sexauer.eu
2014. 3 no secrets taimatz (Tokyo, Japan) taimatz.main.jp
2013. 7 A Faithful Antinomy Longhouse Projects (New York, USA) www.longhouseprojects.com
2011. 5 such a luxurious silence TARO NASU (Tokyo, Japan) www.taronasugallery.com
2010. 3 I have no pick-up lines TARO NASU (Tokyo, Japan) www.taronasugallery.com
2009. 3 Golden Period VOLTA NY (New York, USA) www.voltashow.com
2009. 2 greedy life in the room that bores me Office Baroque Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium) www.officebaroque.com
2007. 4 on a peaceful holiday TARO NASU (Osaka, Japan) www.taronasugallery.com
2006. 9 leg of woman who dislikes me TARO NASU (Tokyo, Japan) www.taronasugallery.com
2005. 3 Unworthy Son Gallery HAM (Nagoya, Japan) www.g-ham.com
2003. 3 self-pity Gallery HAM (Nagoya, Japan) www.g-ham.com
2000. 6 companion dot (Nagoya, Japan)
2000. 1   Nagoya University of Arts Art & Design Center Gallery (Nagoya, Japan)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017. 3 Pola Museum Annex Exhibition 2017 Pola Museum Annex (Tokyo, Japan) www.po-holdings.co.jp/m-annex
2017. 1 Paper Works taimatz (Tokyo, Japan) taimatz.main.jp
2016.12 19th DOMANI The National Art Center, Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) www.nact.jp
2016. 1 Collection 2 The National Museum of Art, Osaka (Osaka, Japan) www.nmao.go.jp
2015.12 New Collection Show Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (Aichi, Japan) www.museum.toyota.aichi.jp
2015. 2 Futo Akiyoshi, Abdolreza Aminlari,
Keiko Narahashi and Robert Stone
Longhouse Projects (New York, USA) www.longhouseprojects.com
2014.12 Temporal Measures White Rainbow (London, United Kingdom) white-rainbow.co.uk
2014.11 Images of Memory / Memories of Image BankART Studio NYK (Yokohama, Japan) www.yg-artfoundation.or.jp/kioku-image
2014. 7 From a Quiet Distance PARKHAUS im Malkastenpark (Düsseldorf, Germany) www.parkhaus-duesseldorf.com
2014. 3 Group Show Jochen Hempel (Leipzig, Germany) jochenhempel.com
2014. 3 VOCA
- The Vision of Contemporary Art 2014
The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo, Japan) www.ueno-mori.org
2013. 9 THE ECHO Japanisches Kulturinstitut (Köln, Germany) www.facebook.com/theecho.face
2013. 3 one build one gild CAPSULE (Tokyo, Japan) www.capsule-gallery.jp
2013. 1 Collection: Contemporary Art and Themes The National Museum of Art, Osaka (Osaka, Japan) www.nmao.go.jp
2013. 1 Do not touch!? Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (Aichi, Japan) www.museum.toyota.aichi.jp
2012. 8 THE ECHO Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien (Berlin, Germany) echofotoarchiv.tumblr.com
2012. 7 Power of a Painting NADiff (Tokyo, Japan) www.nadiff.com
2012. 6 COMMONALITIES Altes Finanzamt (Berlin, Germany) Information
2012. 5 Small Paintings 1223 GENDAIKAIGA (Tokyo, Japan) www.gendaikaiga.com
2011. 9 RGB Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (Aichi,Japan) / Takahashi Setsuro Gallery (Aichi, Japan)
www.museum.toyota.aichi.jp / cul-takahashi-memorial.or.jp
2011. 9 Cross Counter XYZ collective (Tokyo, Japan) / CAPSULE (Tokyo, Japan) www.xyzcollective.org
2011. 8 cowboy & photon CAPSULE (Tokyo, Japan) www.capsule-gallery.jp
2011. 7 ask the wine HI-NEST BLDG 2F (Kyoto, Japan) www.muzz.tv
2011. 3 Art for Tomorrow Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan) www.tokyo-ws.org
2010.11 Collection 3 - Japanese Art 1950 - 2010 The National Museum of Art, Osaka (Osaka, Japan) www.nmao.go.jp
2010. 8 Aichi Triennale 2010 Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Nagoya, Japan) aichitriennale.jp
2010. 2 interior round + art inter.office (Osaka, Japan) Information
2010. 1 Garden of Painting
- Japanese Art of the 00s
The National Museum of Art, Osaka (Osaka, Japan) www.nmao.go.jp
2009. 7 summer group show Jochen Hempel (Leipzig, Germany) jochenhempel.com
2008. 9 450 TARO NASU (Osaka, Japan) www.taronasugallery.com
2008. 9 THE ECHO ZAIM (Yokohama, Japan)
2008. 7 Opening Exhibition II TARO NASU (Tokyo, Japan) www.taronasugallery.com
2007. 3 Portrait Session Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima, Japan) www.hiroshima-moca.jp
2007. 3 Portrait Session @ NADiff NADiff (Tokyo, Japan) www.nadiff.com
2006.12 Form and Drawing CAFA (Beijing, China)
2006. 9 Letters own a book Part2 Gallery HAM (Nagoya, Japan) www.g-ham.com
2005.10 Private Impact place of art OFFicyna (Szczecin, Poland) / National Museum in Szczecin (Szczecin, Poland) / Koszary Sztuki (Swinoujscie, Poland) /
Centrala-scena (Swinoujscie, Poland) / Aktions Bank (Berlin, Germany) www.officyna.art.pl/PI/
2005. 3 IBARAKITAHAMA MEM (Osaka, Japan) / Kenji Hashimoto Architecture Office (Osaka, Japan) www.mem-inc.com
2005. 1 AFTER REMISEN#6 Nagoya University of Arts Art & Design Center Gallery (Nagoya, Japan)
2004. 9 yellow garden mori yu gallery (Kyoto, Japan) www.moriyu-gallery.com
2004. 8 3' Miedzynarodowy plener Malarski Dom Zdrolowy - Hala Spacerowa (Swieradow Zdroj, Poland)
2004. 7 International workshop for visual artists REMISEN BRANDE (Brande, Denmark) www.remisenbrande.dk
2003.11 ego-berry The Main Gallery Hampshire College Harold F.Johnson Library Center (Massachusetts, USA)
2002. 3 Futo Akiyoshi + Go Kato Culture Medium (Nagoya, Japan)
2000.12 news dot (Nagoya, Japan)

Public Collections
The National Museum of Art, Osaka (Osaka, Japan) www.nmao.go.jp
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (Aichi, Japan) www.museum.toyota.aichi.jp
SONS museum (Kruishoutem, Belgium) www.shoesornoshoes.com
Remisen Brande Kultur-&Konferencecenter (Brande, Denmark) www.remisenbrande.dk
Nagoya University of Arts (Nagoya, Japan) www.nua.ac.jp
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